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Our ambition.

Elodie Polo-Ackermann

In a time of media turmoil, the usual channels of distribution are disrupted and the media world is confronted to its audience's desire to see their sources of information and entertainment evolve. Documentaries must therefore reinvent themselves.

This is why the power and meaning of images are key and it is our desire, at IMAGISSIME, to be a part of this revolution. We believe in trusting new talents, gathering the best story tellers and creating bridges between genres, such as fiction and entertainment, and by banking on an international approach and new platforms which know no limit.

Nowadays, some documentary series’ have a story telling as precise as the best fictions, Youtubers are as influential as the most famous TV presenters, children have never heard of a broadcasting time because interactive platforms have brought down the barriers, and media chronology will soon disappear because of illegal downloading… all these revolutionary changes were unthinkable just a decade ago. We are the agents of what comes next.


The society IMAGISSIME
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The society IMAGISSIME

IMAGISSIME produces documentaries rooted in real life and the present day, on a variety of subjects—from history, science and discovery, to culture and society. Whether one-offs or series, short format or feature length, original content or format adaptations, for TV or digital, IMAGISSIME places quality and creativity at the heart of every production. Champions of original perspectives and unique approaches, we at IMAGISSIME—with Elodie Polo Ackermann at our helm­—foster links with today’s and tomorrow’s talent, and accompany them passionately at every step of production. Our global outlook means we collaborate with a network of international partners to develop ambitious coproductions. Among our major titles, recent productions include:

La grande histoire de l’automobile, 1x120’ - RMC Découverte in coproduction with Plaj Productions, by Matthieu Valluet, Marc Ball and Jean Joël Gurviez

Les sous-marins: l’arme invisible, 1x52’- RMC Découverte, in coproduction with Plaj Productions, by Thomas Risch

Elles ont toutes une histoire (society - France tv, France 5 and TV5 Monde), by Nils Tavernier

Les batailles de la culture (history - France 5) in coproduction with the INA [National Audiovisual Institute], by Yvonne Debeaumarché

Bettina Rheims dans la fabrique des icônes (culture - Arte) by Michèle Dominici

Les secrets technologiques de l’aéronautique: A350, la nouvelle star des airs and Rafale: avion secret défense (series - RMC Découverte), by Josselin Mahot and Fabrice Gardel

Eva Braun, épouse Hitler (history - RMC Découverte and LCP), by André Annosse

La vie: les débuts du commencement (science - France 5), by Laurent Lichtenstein

In production:

Venues d'ailleurs, 1x52’ - Arte, by Philippe Fontana

Les chars du siècle, 4x52’, in coproduction with Looks Film and ZDF, by Barbara Necek and Florian Dedio

21 Rue la Boétie, 1x52’ - France 5, in coproduction with Stromboli Picture RTBF, by Virginie Linhart

In development:

L’Odyssée sécrète des animaux, 5x45’, based on an original idea by Lydia Tassier

American Icon, 6 x 52’ (in writing)

Des chats et des artistes, 52’ - Arte

Les Stucky, un destin européen 1841-1941, 90’ - Arte

Le rêve du cachalot (discovery)